Free School Meal Information – June 2023

Please find below a link that gives a range of information on free school meals for families.  For those families already in receipt of school meals please find information on payments for over the summer break.


Help with school meals during school holidays | Free school meals and clothing grants | Midlothian Council


Payment Paid to Bank Accounts Notes/Comments

School Summer Holidays

Thursday 29th June to Tuesday 15th August 2023

Thursday 22nd June 2023

£71.40 per Primary School pupil

£78.20 per Secondary School pupil

Parent Council 2022/2023 Successes and Achievements

At the recent Parent Council AGM, the following success and achievements were shared.  The infographics gave a great indication of the tremendous success our Parent Council have achieved in session 22/23.  Thank you to all who have contributed to the range of success!

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Notice – Provisional Polling Station

School App

Please be aware, we are now using the school app for all communications.  Please contact the school if you cannot download the app.